The podcast that seeks to understand something about anything… with the help from experts, and rather a lot of gin.

Our ever-curious Step-mother, Step-daughter hosting team begin each episode with a glass of gin in hand, before launching into the topic of the week.

Once the gin has been thoroughly sampled, and reviewed, they discuss what they already know about the week’s topic. It could be anything, from science to art, from political to cultural. Most importantly, they often don’t know a lot.

Luckily, there is a weekly expert who shares their knowledge… and the gin.

The guest may be plagued with ‘Okay, but why?’s, and ‘So, how?’s, but they get to drink through it! And, if this expert can tell our hosts that everything they thought they knew is wrong, even better. There’s no confrontation, just a genuine wish to learn and understand, and at the end of the show, the hosts spend a little time mulling over what they’ve learnt, and wondering how they can slip it into conversations to look smart.

Honestly? We don’t know much… but we do have questions, and we’re not afraid to ask them.

Gin & Topic Podcast

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This week we’re talking about Filmmaking with Paul Feig

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